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Donate today and provide vital nutrition for Mother Cows, the backbone of countless families. Help us create a ripple effect of positive change – stronger communities, healthier families, and a sustainable future

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The Plight of Mother Cow

In the heart of rural India, cows, affectionately called "Mothers," are more than just animals. They are the lifeblood of countless families, providing essential milk for nourishment, income for survival, and manure for fertilizer that sustains their crops.

However, these "Mothers" often face malnutrition due to limited access to resources. This not only impacts their health but also jeopardizes the well-being of entire families who depend on them.

Our mission

Feed Mother Cow: A Nourishing Change

Save The Breath's "Feed Mother Cow" campaign aims to change this narrative. Through your generous support, we can provide essential nutrition and care for these vital animals. This includes:

High-quality feed and supplements to ensure balanced diets.

Access to clean water and proper hygiene.

Regular veterinary checkups to maintain their health.

How You Can Help:

Help us nourish families and protect the planet! Here are ways to contribute:


Every contribution allows us to provide better care for cows and support dairy farmers.


Make a recurring donation to sponsor a specific cow and receive updates on her progress.

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