Healthy Food Charity

Healthy Food Charity
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Healthy Food Charity

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As we all know that India is experienced major hikes in Covid -19. We all see the poor family and their children are suffering for just one-time food to sleep with an empty stomach. We can’t feel or realize how they sleep in challenging conditions without food. And our small support will ensure that those needy people get at least one-time food for their families. Your food donation makes this possible to nourish poor families.

And on the other hand, the lockdown has hit the daily wages of workers more than in the private and government sectors. These daily wage workers face uncertain challenges in meeting their daily food requirements. As is often the case, people living in poverty are suffering the most. Leaving them jobless but we are trying to ensure that all get food throughout the season with the food charity that we do for them.

Donating the cause is a very easy and convenient way to help them. With the funds collected, we will distribute the meals to those who need them the most.  Your contribution today will help us to provide food to these helpless people who are hit the hardest by the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


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